Haven is a short term, residential safe space for young people age 14 to 18 who are struggling at home.

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Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Haven Adolescent Community Respite Center is to support adolescents and their families during times of domestic conflict. We provide services for adolescents and their families without stigma and without assigning blame in an effort to keep youth at home when possible and safe. We provide a short term residential alternative to incarceration or homelessness when necessary. We provide young people and their families with long term solutions to family conflicts which adolescence, poverty, social and political pressures and mental health and drug addiction intensify.


Haven will be located in a large house in Jersey City. For its first year of operation, it will house 5 young men, age 16 to 18, at a time for a period of up to 90 days. We intend to expand services to 14 to 16 year olds and young women soon thereafter. Onsite staff will include a social worker and a youth advocate. Haven will contract with an on-call psychologist who will provide individual and family counseling as well as evaluations. We will also contract with educational evaluators. Young men who graduate from the program will also benefit from alumni services provided onsite.

The Center will house services, provided in partnership with Jersey City University’s child and adolescent psychology graduate program, to support families and adolescents in the community whose youth never reside at Haven as well. These services will be provided to up to 150 families per annum in the first few years.

We will draw steady insight from our community advisory board, which is comprised of community, church, mosque and temple leaders, to both support our young people and families, and also to identify young people and families in need of our services. We will also take direct admissions from police, EMS, and Jersey City Medical Center. We will support and enhance existing services provided by the crisis intervention workers, probation officers, youth community centers and a range of other providers which already serve Jersey City youth. We will not serve youth with major psychiatric diagnoses.

Our goal for residential services is to provide a short term living environment that will allow young people and their families time to regroup while we develop a long term strategic plan for easing their home tensions. There will be two staff on site at all times when youth in residence are present. Youth will go to school off-site. Hence, each young person will leave with an identified place to live with, three adult supports on which he will rely, a plan for school, vocational education or work, and a plan for what he will do if problems re-emerge.

We seek to serve adolescents with tools designed to prevent the need for residential care by providing “blame free” supports to family and youth. Haven services will include assessments, and 3 to 6 month interventions with connections to partner providers for long term care.

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JUNE 2017 COOK. EAT. TALK. Schedule

Friday, June 9 at 6 pm Cook. Eat. Talk.

Where: Marion Gardens Community Center
Who: Youth who live in Marion Gardens only

Saturday, June 10 --- Special Event---

Jersey City Unity Walk!! Join Haven and many other organizations in the Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition Movement's Second Annual Unity Walk Against Community Violence.

Saturday, June 17 at 1 pm

Where: St. John's Lutheran, 155 North Street
Who: Jersey City Youth (14-24) -- all are welcome

Saturday, June 23 at 1 pm

Where: St. John's Lutheran, 155 North Street
Who: Jersey City Youth (14-24) -- all are welcome

Saturday, July 1 at 1 pm

Who: Jersey City Youth (14-24) -- all are welcome